I am so lucky that I was able to do something that I loved for such a long time. I wanted to go to law school but fell into bridal and ended up with a happy and successful career working with brides and I’m very proud of all that I’ve built!

So many have walked through my salon doors as a client and left as a friend, and I cannot even begin to name everyone, friends, family and clients who have supported me personally and professionally, I am so grateful to have you all in my life.

It is with a very full and happy heart I am blessed to say at this milestone that I have decided to retire my salon!

This is not a sad moment, this is a very happy and celebratory time for me and I’m exiting with even more exciting news, because I’ve truly been touched by serendipity.

A young woman who has followed me on social media for a few years who also has an entrepreneurial spirit and who has loved everything about my business has purchased it!

I am very happy to announce that I have sold her my business, all of it but my name. Her movers will be arriving in a few weeks and she will take it all back home to launch her own bridal salon, 700 miles away! How amazing is that?

I am thrilled for her new journey and so happy that I am a small part of her beginning!

I am currently working on my next chapter, and I can only hope it brings me as much joy and happiness that my bridal salon brought.

I thank you all for traveling on this journey with me and I will always cherish the love, kindness, loyalty and the many many beautiful gifts so many have showered on me all these years.

With much love and gratitude,